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Beauty of Washi paper with functionalities

Washi Laminated Sheet & Acrylic Shoji Sheet are the interior design material born from Japanese culture and tradition. They are superior durability and flame resistance and retain the original beauty of Washi paper.

Washi Laminated Sheet (0.2mm / 0.3mm / 0.45mm thickness)
Acrylic Shoji Sheet (1mm / 2mm / 3mm / 5mm thickness)
Story of Product

Material for softening the light

Washi paper (Japanese paper) developed independently after the paper was introduced to Japan from China 1,400 years ago. This material can adjust interior lighting and was designated in recent years as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Washi paper is known outside Japan as an artistic paper and mending material. However, it can also be used as an interior design and decorative material in a variety of ways such as with blinds, paneling, wallpaper, lighting, and doors and windows. As an interior design material, the allure of Washi paper is that it can be used to adjust sunlight and LED light by diffusing and reflecting it to exude a healing, tranquil, and peaceful atmosphere. For example, by using it for Japanese shoji sliding doors as well as other doors and windows, you can soften bright sunlight into a gentle indoor light or use it as a light cover to make harsh LED and other light sources more mellow.

The beauty of Washi paper with functionalities

While Washi paper is a very alluring interior design material, by interior design material standards, it is prone to tear, stain, and burn, and has low resistance to water, sometimes making it a difficult material to use in modern architectural environments.

Warlon offers hybrid Washi papers adding the functionality required by modern architectural environments such as strength; flame, water, and stain resistance; and antibacterial properties using its unique techniques while retaining the paper's original beauty. Your desire to divide spaces with a safe and durable consumer material, to cast a gentle light throughout spaces, to incorporate Washi paper into spaces not originally suited for it, and to portray your room in a way not possible with Washi paper alone—It helps give form to your creative ambitions.

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