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New “Gold LEAF” designs 

Japanese Traditional Hand Crafted 




Tradition and innovation

The brilliance of gold leaf has had a great influence on Japan's latent aesthetic sense since ancient times.      

In ancient times, it was used for Buddhist statues, folding screens, fusuma paintings, etc., and has a special existence in the history of Japan art.


In modern times, the appeal and possibilities of foil continue to evolve and expand, and beyond the boundaries of art, foil has been widely incorporated into modern spaces as an artistic presence.

We continue to innovate while preserving the tradition of gold leaf for the future.

Gold leaf is said to be 1/10,000th of a millimeter thick, and it is said that the ability to make an extremely thin, uniform and delicate foil is a skill that only craftsmen in Kanazawa possess in the world.


We are the only company in Japan that has a consistent production line from gold to gold leaf, so we can make various types of foil and foil with controlled thickness.

There are various ways to apply foil in the world. There is a unique method of applying Japan foil that has been handed down since ancient times, called flat pressing, and a method of applying foil that is unparalleled in the world, such as crumbling or tearing the foil.

Foil pasting is a technique that also enjoys chance. The foil leaflet is sifted through the foil and left to the fluctuation of the air to scatter the foil, creating a one-of-a-kind work in the world.

This requires skilled skills and sensitivity, and we at Hakuichi have created a number of original works so far.

Adding color to the foil

You can add color to the foil, such as silver and brass.

The foil can be chemically changed to give it a variety of colors, and each foil has its own personality, giving the work more artistry.
When the foil is in harmony with the material, the charm of the new material and the new expression of the foil emerge.


Foil Texture

When the foil is uneven and light shines in, a new expression of the foil can be seen.

With a variety of foil texture technologies, the possibilities are endless.

Foil Combinations

Add a variety of foils, foil techniques, and creativity to create endless foil designs.

We have created a number of foil designs together with our customers
 The delicate and thin sheets of gold can be applied to almost any surface using time-honored methods such as water gilding, oil gilding, and mordant gilding.


The shimmering and opulent appearance of gold leaf adds a touch of luxury and elegance to furniture, frames, and architectural details.


With a history dating back to ancient civilizations, the use of gold leaf has been a revered and significant part of artistic expression and craftsmanship. .


Aluminum Leaf Sprinkled Finish

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  • Price vary by kinds, screen size, and it's frame finish. Please contact for details.


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