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Awabiware Wood Bread Plate Small

$116.00 Regular Price
$81.20Sale Price
  • “awabiware”  is created by Japanese artisan Junichi Okamoto in Awaji-island. This bread plate has a beautiful Japanese Urushi lacquer finish. Natural Urushi finish is called Rokuro-Mebuki, the Black finish is called Kurobuki-Urushi, and Gray finish is called Sumizoome-Shiranuki Urushi. You can see beautiful natural wood grains. It is very lightweight and easy to carry for outdoor dining. Each plate has its own character.

    Japanese Urushi wooden bread plate of awabiware is created by collaboration work with a wood craftsman and a lacquer craftsman.  Urushi lacquer, a Japanese traditional finish, is used for wooden plates of woodenware. Unlike the glossy lacquer finish, it features a subdued matte texture so that you can use it frequently for everyday use. Skilled craftsmen in Shikoku work on wood and skilled craftsmen in Wajima work on Urushi lacquer.

    These Urushi bread plates have applied Japanese urushi lacquer at least 5 to 6 times to create a beautiful finish.

    This is made to order item. 
    Please contact for leadtime.

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