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Natural colorer dishcloth for your kitchen.

This Kaya Fukin 6 layers cloth made in Nara, is well known as a dishcloth in Japan. It is a mosquito net cloth.  The traditional Japanese weave and construction allow the fabric to become extra absorbency, durability, and softer with use. 

The Bincho charcoal from Kishu, which is the top quality of Bincho, is kneaded into the thread using a unique method, and the deodorant effect of Bincho charcoal is inherited in the mosquito net fabric.
Bincho charcoal is an eco-clean material that does not lose its effectiveness as a deodorant.

Fabric is stiff at first but will become incredibly soft with use. To achieve softness faster, soak in hot water. The feel and texture of this fabric is different from your typical dishcloth

Kaya Cotton Kitchen Dish Cloth

SKU: IP4518141100283
PriceFrom $9.80
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