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Tenugui is a traditional rectangular towel made of 100% cotton that is steeped in many decades of Japanese history. The Japanese word “te” means hand and “nugui” describes the act of wiping. Apart form using this traditional towel for wrapping ones head like a bandanna, it can also be used to wrap gifts, as a decoration for the home. Of course you can use tenugui as a kitchen towel, table napkin, wash cloth, and so on. Tenugui is a very durable fabric. We are pleased to introduce to you, this multi functional tenugui that will bring Japanese elegance into your daily life.

Kagome means basket weave in Japanese. The combination of simple lines make very unique style, so why Kagome patterns loved by Japanese people for long time.

Ippin Project Komon Basic Tenugui are available in 6 variations of patterns.

Komon Tenugui Towel

SKU: KOMON-Tenugui-IP010.5
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