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The teapot has a unique surface with black crackled patterns. It is called Kannyu which is one of the traditional techniques of glazed. " Kannyu" is a small crack in the surface of the glaze due to the difference between the shrinkage of the base material and the glaze. Sumi Crackle Glaze (Japanese: sumi-kannyu) is made by penetrating the cracks in the glaze. The more you use it, the more it will develop the new Kannyu.

This is pottery with changing texture and color. You can enjoy the changing expression. 
Each one has its own character.

It is important to feel comfortable using the teapot when actually
pouring in the hot water. The hands grow familiar while holding the pot, the water from the spout pours cleanly, the tea leaves do not clog easily. This Sogi crackle teapot is a signature item of Nankei Pottery. 

The teapot comes with a traditional ceramic filter.
Capacity: 320ml (good for 1-3 cups of tea)

Tea Pot Sogi Crackle White

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