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Founded in 1898, Kyoto bamboo boutique Kohchosai Kosuga, a fifth-generation maker of bamboo products. A huge variety of things can be made with bamboo for modern living, manufactured with traditional techniques.

Since ancient times, Japanese people have used bamboo to make various utensils such as baskets and chopsticks. In 1879, Kyoto bamboo gained a place in history when it was used by Thomas Edison as the filament for his first electric light bulb. Twenty years later in 1898, Kohchosai Kosuga was founded with the goal of using Kyoto's famous natural bamboo to “enrich the everyday lives of people.” Since then, Kochosai Kosuga have continued to meticulously craft bamboo goods from functional products to decorative arts, always pursuing the ideal of “beauty to the highest degree.” These high quality, elegant bamboo pieces which combine the spirit of the traditional with the modern will no doubt enrich our contemporary lifestyles.

Kohchosai Kosuga Bamboo Boutique

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