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Japanese Artisan Pottery and tableware


“Awabi ware” is the small pottery atelier, located in Awajishima Island in Japan. Junichi Okamoto represents the brand with a strong vision towards craftsmanship and pursues sincere creation utilizing Japanese traditional techniques.

Various colors and shapes of “Awabi ware” are inspired by Japanese old craftworks and traditional patterns. To create warmth in texture, the material is carefully selected from Japanese high-quality soils. After studying the number of shapes, colors, and textures, the tableware is thoughtfully designed to well suit modern living, delivering a joyful dining experience.

​Maker's Story : Junichi Okamoto / Awabi ware


Deliberate craftsmanship is much needed today in a time of abundant material and information. The authentic tableware with healthy beauty will be cherished in every dining table beyond the borders. We believe such works will stand the test of time, be passed down from generation to generation cladding in the layers of time.


“Awabiware” is proud to be a part of this mission in modern craftsmanship.

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