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Masaki Teranishi

Glass Studio DAIDAI

Masaki and Makiko Teranishi opened their own glassblowing studio Daidai in Nagano prefecture in 1999.

Unnojuku in Tomi, Nagano is known for its rich history as a post station during the Edo period and top walnut production in the country.  To make their trademark Kurumi (walnut) glass, walnut ashes are combined with sand and other ingredients, creating a subtle, soft green color. Piece by piece, in his studio in the historic town of Unnojuku, Masaki makes one-of-a-kind handmade glassware for everyday use that gives the new owners a soft and warm feeling. 

Masaki and Makiko named their studio Daidai which means orange color and also “from generation to generation”, in hopes that their unique Kurumi glass will be passed on to the generations to come.

​Maker's Story : Glass Studio Daidai

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