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Koji Kitaoka

Koji Kitaoka's atelier is located in Fukuoka, Japan. The beautiful matte finish potteries are created from different kinds soils. All his works are made by hand and each piece has a unique character.

Discover Kitaoka's Japanese tableware collection and more about his studio below Maker's Story.

​Maker's Story : KOJI KITAOKA Pottery
kita tobo 01.jpg

北川さんのアトリエ、Kitatoubo は福岡市内中心部よりさほど離れていない早良区の緑残る丘陵の住宅地を入り、山手奥へ進んだところにあります。福岡市内で偶然出会った美しいしのぎのお皿達に魅了され、お取扱いさせていただくことになりました。北岡さんは現在、ほとんどの作業を一人で手作業でされており、作品数も限られていますので、IPPIN PROJECTで扱っている商品も種類と個数に限りがあります。

北岡さんの手作業による作品は一つ一つに個性があり、美しく繊細なしのぎがとても特徴的です。土選びにも非常にこだわりがあり、白土 黄土 灰色と3種類の土と釉薬を使い分けて作品作りをしています。とても手間がかかるそうですが、一種類の土ではなく複数の土と釉薬を使い分けることで仕上がりの美しさが全く違うのだそうです。

In the green mountains of Sawara district’s residential area proximate to Fukuoka City, Koji Kitaoka has his kiln. Our unexpected encounter with Kitaoka’s pottery was in Fukuoka.  We were intrigued by the beautiful Shinogi texture of his work, which led us to pay a visit to his workshop.


Kitaoka produces his work single-handedly, a majority of the work done manually. For that reason, his production speed is limited, unable to take many new orders. For the first time, we have the opportunity to introduce his work in the United States.

Each of Kitaoka’s handcrafted pottery has its own character, notably the splendidly delicate Shinogi texture of his work. He is very selective about the soil used for his pottery.  White, yellow, and grey soil is mixed with multiple glazing in specific ratios to produce his work. While this is a very time-consuming process, Kitaoka says this important to get a beautiful finished result.

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