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The new NANAO series are perfect to use for dinners as their burning duration can be up to 130 min.  They are  all made in sumac wax with all natural ingredients making them not only beautiful but very eco-friendly.  NANAO is the name of the city where TAKAZAWA CANDLE is located. It is surrounded by sea and mountains.  There are five different candles, all with a motif of a different plant that grows in the Noto Peninsula.  The candles are all named after a letter of the word "plant." The flame of the TAKAZAWA candles is bigger and brighter. This is due to the structure of the traditional wick which is thicker in diameter than the western counterpart's. The wick is made of the combination of WASHI-paper, rush weed, and silk fiber, all derived from the nature as well.

HAZE Sumac Wax Candle Nanao Set of 5

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