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This hand-carved wooden butter knife by Jungo Suzuki has the sleek design of a large tip and the handle which exudes a strong and timeless presence. It is also characterized by its slightly long length and extremely lightweight.  Find the beautiful grain patterns and the rusty gray color of iron-mordanting Japanese maple.



Jungo Suzuki is a woodworker and furniture craftsman based in Kiso Town, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. For the productiton,  wood lathe machines and hand tools including chisels are utilized to create his cutlery.  The unique shapes of the cutlery are inspired by designs of both wooden and non-wooden artworks. Experience the stunning design and elegant patterns of wood grain on the cutlery, which also boasts a comfortable handle. These handcrafted wooden pieces of art are sure to enrich your everyday life.

Jungo Suzuki Butter Knife Japanese Maple


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