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KAJIHA Aroma Fragrance is made with natural ingredients. This spray does not contain alcohol or any harmful substances for your body, so that it can be safely applied to your skin and linen. Try it to dry flowers, curtains, covers, or car sheets; you can enjoy the scent in your room or car longer. If you spray it on cloth, the scent will elevate your mood whenever you open a drawer or bag. 



-SHISUI is an ancient Japanese word that means "the beauty of the greenery of mountains."

The scent of this fragrance is bergamot, cedarwood, and atlas cedar with a touch of sandalwood.


-SHINONOME is an ancient Japanese word that means "when the dawn sky gradually brightens from the east." The scent of this aroma fragrance is santal, cedarwood, and mandarin with spice of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

[Wholesale] KAJIHA Aroma Fragrance Spray Body + Linen

$24.80 Regular Price
$12.40Sale Price

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