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Wooden glasses made of Castor Aralia grown in Hokkaido. Shaped by hand using a potter's wheel, it is only a couple of millimeters thick. "Kami" means "paper" in Japanese, and it is named after its sheer texture. It gives a smooth, warm touch on your lips.

Takahashi Hidetoshi is a master craftsman in wood. At his family-run workshop in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, woodenware is created using a lathe and hand finish. Takahashi Kougei create simple yet functional artifacts making the best of wood materials. Wood is a natural insulator.


"Paper-thin," wooden plates from the KAMI series
Functional as plates or trays.
Designed to match with the other KAMI tablewares.
The grooves on the bottom help your fingers grip onto the plate

KAMI Wooden Plate-M


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