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KOMON Serving Plate (Assorted Set Of 5)

SKU: KOMON-serving -plate set10040
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  • Fresh, contemporary take on Japanese tradition, these serving plates are inspired by classic Japanese patterns which is used from ancient times. The designs include 5 different traditional patterns. The set includes 5 pieces of serving plate called “Torizara” in Japan. Perfect for serving appetizers, salads, or desserts.

    A set of 5 KOMON plates (arrow feathers, cloisonné, hemp leaf, mesh, and seigaiha sea wave).

    It is recommended as a versatile gift for holiday, weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, etc.

    Yabane: The feathers on the arrow. It is said that if you give a kimono with arrow feathers to it when you get married, you will not come back, so it is considered auspicious.

    Cloisonne…The round shape represents “harmony” and “wealth”, and the endless circle means the prosperity of descendants.

    Asanoha: It is said that since hemp is strong and stretches straight, there was a custom to use it for patterns on baby clothes that wished for the growth of children.

    Mesh: A pattern with a motif of a net that saves Ryo. It is said that the continuous pattern "continues forever", and the net is said to "scoop fortune".

    Seikaiha wave…Seikaiha sea wave is said to be a symbol of prosperity because it continues forever.

    Komon (小紋 - Japanese) which means "emblem"are plates for sharing and giving with each pattern having an implied meaning.  Aritayaki Porcelain is now among the most renowned in the world. 

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