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Japanese Traditional Hand Crafted Wood Screen

Kumiko Screen "SAYAGATA"

SKU: Kumiko-Sayagata
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  • The price varies depending on screen dimensions & wood kinds.
    Please contact us for a quotation.

    Sayagata was used in the production of silk fabric imported from China to Japan during the Ming Dynasty.
    The Sayagata motif has been used for various purposes, including dyed textiles and decorations in Japanese buildings since the Momoyama era.
    Royalty and privileged families love the design because of its fine detail and dignity.


    Sayagata-kuzushi, meaning “unbroken continuity“ is a slightly modified form of the design
    that represents a wish for household prosperity and longevity.

    Sample pieces are able to purcahse from our website. 
    Please contact us for a quote and details infomation.

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