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Japanese Traditional Hand Crafted Wood Screen

Kumiko Screen "SENBON"

SKU: Kumiko- Senbon
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  • The price varies depending on screen dimensions & wood kinds.
    Please contact us for a quotation.

    This simple but delicate design exemplifies Japanese aesthetic sensibility.
    It is an attractive and enduring design that is used for folding screens and Kumiko transoms.

    The simple open squares of the lattice are believed to protect against evil.
    Many small squares also represent the wish for the health and prosperity of future generations.
    Symbolising authority and tradition, lattice designs are widely used in historical structures throughout the world.
    The attractive design is to be seen in modern Japanese style houses and Japanese restaurants.

    Sample pieces are able to purcahse from our website. 
    Please contact us for a quote and details infomation.

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