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Japanese Traditional Hand Crafted Wood Screen

Kumiko Screen "SHOKKO"

SKU: Kumiko-Shokko
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    Derived from brocade of the same name in the capital of China at the time,
    the Shokko design has a rich pattern of linked octagons and quadrangles.
    The design is also known from Horyuji, the oldest temple in Japan,
    where it appears on precious objects found there.


    The Shokko design, based on an octagon, comes from brocade woven in the Shu Dynasty of China.
    In China, where eight is the most auspicious number,
    the octagonal lattice pattern was used in the Forbidden City, home to the emperors.
    As the design conveys the meaning of successful marriage and longevity,
    it is used at wedding ceremonies and in hotels

    Sample pieces are able to purcahse from our website. 
    Please contact us for a quote and details infomation.

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