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NIt is important to feel comfortable using the teapot when actuallypouring in the hot water. The hands grow familiar while holding the pot, the water from the spout pours cleanly, the tea leaves do not clog easily. This Sencha Kyusu teapot is a new design by Nankei Pottery.Nankei Pottery has been producing teapots for over 80 years and specialized in Japanese teapot production.It is made from 100% clay which is high in iron content. Iron is considered to enhance and mellow the flavor of Japanese Green Tea.The teapot comes with a traditional ceramic filter.Capacity: 320ml (Serving for 4 to 6 sencha cups of tea)ankei Pottey Classic Sencha Kyusu Teapot, Sand

Kyusu Tea Pot Sencha 320

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