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Oya Stone is green tuff produced in Japan's Oya area of Utsunomiya City. From ancient times it has been used for buildings, walls, warehouses, roofs, and Nagaya gates. This stone, which has been cultivated for a long time, has a gentle presence that does not fade when heated.  Also, the Oya stone matures with the progression of time, allowing the user to enjoy its changing color expression. Especially black color parts will turn brown and it will be beige color in the end. Soft enough for carving, but tough enough for buildings. This contradiction of the Oya Stone's characteristics sublimes into charm.


Those one-of-a-kind flower vases make use of the beauty of Oya stone and enjoy its natural texture. Plants and Oya stone, the best combination of those natural materials bring colors to your life. 

Since the Oya Stone Flower Vase Organic Shape is made use of the natural shape of Oya Stone, each vase has a different design. Please be noted that you cannot choose the design of the vase.  

[Wholesale] Oya Stone Flower Vase Organic Shape

PriceFrom $29.75

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