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The Yokoku relief carving collection was created by carving plaster molds directly from hand-painted pictures. The pattern on the dish extends to the rim, framing the food like a picture. Serve as a main dish for two or three, or a one-plate meal with salad, rice, or bread.

SUIYO's Yokoku relief carving collection was inspired by the design used by one of the ancient  Chinese government kilns, called Yaozhou kilns. The painting is based on the techniques of Western drawings, also inspired by traditional Japanese paintings, Ukiyoe. 


Suiyo is a pottery brand produced by artists, Daisuke Anayama and Fumika Anayama based in Seto, Aichi.  The brand concept "Beyond the Classic." expresses their determination and hope to move forward to make their artworks a new classic in the modern age. 




Youkoku Oval Plate Large


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