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Luxury Japanese washi partition paper

Washi Lighting Paper "HYORETSU"

SKU: KCR8012
  • *Custom Order*
    Japanese Washi Paper, HYORETSU

    This is a custom order items .Please contact for quotation. 


    Washi light paper is so sophisticated and dynamic which is achieved by craftsman’s skill. Washi Paper makes the interior in high quality.

    Japanese paper has unique profundity and warmth. The master craftsman, who has technical capabilities and full knowledge of the Japanese ancient techniques offers original Japanese paper. The hand-worked paper has depth and significance which machinery-made paper cannot express.

    Japanese Washi light / Partition papers are all made by order.

    Order via our website does not include the shipping cost from Japan.
    We will send an invoice for the shipping fee to confirm your order separately. Please feel free to request an estimate and detailed information before ordering.

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